Fabrique Bakery
Location | Hoxton, London Borough of Hackney
Fabrique is a Swedish bakery and coffee shop chain with outlets in London. Their current bakery which serves all their London shops is located in a railway arch in Hoxton. Zinc provided designs for the new double arches they were aiming to occupy as they have outgrown their current space.

Fabrique, Hoxton, London, External View
Zinc worked closely with the client and project managers AE3 to understand the various baking, logistical and retail processes and requirements. The challenge was to incorporate the commercial overs, mixers, fridges, and workspaces whilst also remaining open to the public view as part of Fabrique’s USP as an artisanal Swedish bakery.  
Fabrique, Hoxton, London, Internal Arrangement Plan
Zinc was able to create visuals as seen in the interior views above to illustrate key elements within the space, such as large internal screens and lighting. Specific items could be modelled or imported from manufacturer produced components into the 3D models to provide a fill visual representation of the planned space.

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